National Socialist Studies

National Socialist Studies

Our Legacy of Truth presents a collection of speeches, essays, and other assorted writings from a side of the National Socialist cause which you are not likely to hear from, as well as links to other pertinent material. By providing this rare source material and information, it is our hope that the thoughtful reader will study both sides and judge for himself the morality of the historical and present place of the National Socialist movement instead of letting the current media and political establishment judge for him. The editors of Our Legacy of Truth do not necessarily take the positions of all the writers presented here, but merely provide this information as a study tool in your quest for Truth.

Our List of Selections

Selected Public Speeches and other works of Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf

White Power

This Time the World

The National Socialist Platform

Off-Site Writings and Speeches by Joseph Goebbels

A Brief History of National Socialism in America


14 Days that Saved the World
By: Ingrid Rimland

The Social and Political Impact of the Holocaust Campaign in Today's Europe
By: Jurgen Graf

A Straight Look at the Third Reich
By: Prof. Austin App

The Importance of Holocau$t Revisionism
By: Harold A. Covington

On the Eichmann and Goebbels Papers
By: David Irving

Why I Believe in Jewish Ritual Murder
By: Harold A. Covington


What We Stand For
By: George Lincoln Rockwell

The Enigma of Hitler
By: Leon DeGrelle

Adolf Hitler: A Personal Testament
By: Harold A. Covington

Hitler's Social Revolution
By: Leon DeGrelle

The Destiny of America
By: Francis Parker Yockey

Letter to a Young White Male
By: Harold A. Covington

The Book That Was Ignored (Part 1)
By: Harold A. Covington

14th Century Economics Lesson
By: Harold A. Covington

Nothing Lasts Forever
By: Harold A. Covington

The Struggle That Dare Not Speak its Name
By: Harold A. Covington

The Song, Not the Singer
By: Harold A. Covington

It's Time to Begin Again
By: Harold A. Covington

In Memory
By: Peter Anthony

Dreaming the Iron Dream
By: Harold A. Covington

In Hoc Signo Vinces
By: George Lincoln Rockwell

The Nature of the Conspiracy
By: Lewis Hall

On the Art of Propaganda
By: George Lincoln Rockwell


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