Why Wasn't Auschwitz Bombed?


Allied Bombing of Poland

Allied Bombing of Poland
Monowitz 5 kilometres (3 miles) from Auschwitz bombed four times.


Birkenau or Auschwitz Not Bombed
No bomb craters as at Monowitz.

Camp Bombing Not Ordered

Camp Bombing Not Ordered
Pin-point bombing of cremation buildings was possible.

Air Photo Interpreters

Air Photo Interpreters
In 1944, Auschwitz photos did not support murder claims.

German denial

Did Allied and German Leaders Communicate?
In 1944 Germans denied intentions to murder inmates, and ensured the Allies they would be evacuated!

German Industrial Camouflage

German Industrial Camouflage
Attempt to mask possible bomb targets.

Air-photo planes

Air-photo planes
German and British planes used for air photo missions.

Amiens Prison Precision                                 Bombing Raid

Amiens Prison Precision Bombing Raid
Plan to blow holes in walls to free French resistance members.

"It is imperative
that action be taken
to forestall the plot
of the Nazis
to exterminate
the Jews of Europe!"

Allied Government Policies re:
Investigating mass murder rumours given top priority.